Unique Arabescato Quartz Slab
Unique Arabescato Quartz Texture

Unique Arabescato is a man-made material called Quartz. This stone is mostly used for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, and kitchen islands. Its grey veins with white color at the back will match with dark gray, white, black, blue, and brown kitchen Cabinets or Vanities.

Arabescato  Quartz is a excellent choice. The technology quartz is a material made up of more than 95percent natural quartz which resins and pigments are added. These, in an process known as engineered stone are compacted using vacuum vibrio compression, creating the material with high resistance and attractive characteristics. Quartz is among many of the most plentiful minerals found on the earth’s crust and it is available in a wide variety of different qualities.

Quartz is a part of the Mohs scale that evaluates the toughness of minerals based on their ability to measure the surface of soft minerals, puts quartz at position number one, which is among the elements with the highest hardness.

Size: 330 x 163 cm – 130″ x 64″

Thickness: 20mm – 3/4 & 39mm – 1 1/4″

Type: Quartz

Quartz Countertops Care


1. Regular cleaning is best done using a mild detergent or soap and the use of a soft cloth. Be sure that the soap you use isn’t bleach-based and non-abrasive.
2. Even though they are stain resistant, Quartz countertops are not stain resistant. Clean the peels as soon as possible.
Quartz can withstand staining for a short amount of time, however any colored liquids must be cleaned out as quickly as possible.
3. Glass or a surface cleaner like Windex can be used to remove heavy or dried-on staining. Use a non-abrasive sponge. To deep clean apply a generous amount, and let it sit for 10 minutes, and then clean.
4. Scrape off the grease, gum and paint using an ordinary putty knife or a razor blade. Utilize a degreasing cleaner specially designed specifically for Quartz counters, in order to scrub off any grease. Cleanse immediately.
5. Get rid of permanent markers and ink cautiously using an oil-based cleaner such as Goo Gone. Rinse with warm water immediately after removing stains.

6. A heavy, stuck on staining that is difficult to get rid of like nail polish could be removed using a blend of Acetone, Ajax, and water. Reduce the Ajax to a point where it has very little impact. Clean it up quickly.

Unique Arabescato Quartz Model
Unique Arabescato Quartz Model

Specification of Unique Arabescato Quartz

FIRE REACTION (EUROCLASSES) UNE-EN-ISO 9239-1:2002 & ISO 1716:2002 Euroclassses A2fl s1
FLEXURAL RESISTANCE UNE EN 14617-2:2005 MPa 80 – 90
SLIP RESISTANCE UNE EN 14231:2004 USRV 6 wet 37 dry
WATER ABSORPTION UNE EN 14617-1:2005 % 0,06 – 0,08
APPARENT DENSITY UNE EN 14617-1:2005 kg/m3 2,060 – 2080
ABRASION RESISTANCE UNE-EN 14617-3:2005 mm 28 – 30
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE UNE EN 14617-10: 2005 C4 Surface Hardness
C4 Alkalis: 80% resistance after 8 hours.
SURFACE HARDNESS UNI EN 101 Ceramic tiles. MOHS 6 -7