Topus texture Full Slab
Concrete Quartz Countertops

Topus Concrete Quartz is an innovative surface design that has the same neutral, blush tone as contemporary interior decor. The authentic rough texture of this material reflects natural mineral formations and rugged patinas found in industrial materials over time because it was created to be uniquely different from other products on the market today!

Quartz is a particularly versatile material that can be used in conjunction with many other materials. It works best when combined with neutrals or off-white colors, but it’s also fantastic on its own!

A soft, industrial flavour that brings a sense of luxury to interiors. This range is ideal for Scandi-inspired kitchens and distinctive designs from the Industrial genre
The texture in this product makes it perfect for styling with any design style and will inject creativity into your space like never before!

Specifications Topus Concrete Quartz

Collection   Metropolitan
Finish         Rough
Size           Jumbo
Thickness  20 mm/2 cm, 30 mm/3 cm
Application  Indoor
Color Group Beiges
Pattern        Industrial
luxury Topus Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Care & Maintenance

Easy cleaning

Topus Concrete is absolute luxury both in look and feel that can be used anywhere you desire. Topus Quartz is a natural quartz surface that has been ground and polished to a near mirror finish.

Countertops is extremely easy to clean and maintain with just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and some mild soap. For tougher messes, you can use a non-abrasive household cleaner.

Prevent liquid spills

These are the three things you should keep in mind when caring for your stone floors:

1 Liquid spills and splashes need to be cleaned immediately.

2 Natural stones like granite will shine best with regular cleaning, while rough surfaces may require more attention per day than other types of flooring does due their natural flaws which can lead them towards becoming dirty quickly if not tended too regularly.

3 Only proper maintenance methods such as vacuuming or sweeping daily along with using professional cleaners on occasion preserves a beautiful looking space without harming its integrity so that way we don’t end up damaging either ourselves from lackadaisical habits nor our prized possessions!

Removing stains

Gently rub with an appropriate cleaner and rinse. Do regular cleaning of stone this will retain stone Elegant look. Proper deep cleaning is compulsory for any stone.


Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily cleaning than polished stones. Every light mark, fingerprints of daily usage will make the stone surface dull and stone surface. These marks can be very easily clean with Soft Scrub Liquid cleaning agents.