Raven Quartz countertop full Slab
Raven Kitchen Countertops

A play of light on smoky-slate greys, delicately blending a two-toned surface slightly dappled for a dramatic effect.

Raven Quartz countertop is a very trendy product that is sturdy and durable. It is also easy to take care.

There are a variety of quartz options to select the color and design that best suits your personal style and give the finishing touch to your interior: Kitchen and bathroom countertops and showers, fireplace mantels tables and lots more.

Sk Stones USA offers you an amazing assortment of granites, quartz and marble. They also provide expert service for any commercial or residential projects.


Collection           Classico
Finish                 Polished
Size                    Standard
Thickness           20 mm/2 cm, 30 mm/3 cm
Application          Indoor
Color Group        Greys
Pattern                Speckled

Properties of Raven Quartz Countertop Slabs

Raven Quartz actually a striking distinct color for its category. In particular 4120 Raven is stunning for contemporary kitchens. Let’s begin with the most basic inquiry before we talk about something. What are the reasons to pick this stone as your kitchen countertops or why people are choosing the grey quartz countertop to decorate their home? The grey color represents past and the future, it is an flow color. The answer is easy because there are people that don’t want to see to see a lot of change in their lives. Grey is still a popular color and is used in a broad of the remodeling industry. It is most commonly used for countertops or cabinets for kitchen designs. As it is a solid color , it is unchanging and could be an ideal choice to modern kitchen designs.

Raven is excellent choice for black and gray kitchens. The reason for this is the fact that it has a black because it appears black when you look at it from a distance. If you pair this with white cabinetry that are extremely popular, it is the ideal contrast.

Therefore, there is no any other natural stone that is as solid, uniform and dark gray like Raven. This is a benefit to countertop customers who want a the look of solid grey. Engineered Raven is a deep shade that is suitable together with dark cabinets too. Man-made stones are less prone to maintenance and are also a great use in commercial construction.

Luxury Raven Kitchen flxed

Quartz Care & Maintenance

Easy cleaning

A splash of warm soapy water will do. The whole cleaning done. It will deep clean your stone.

Prevent liquid spills

Remove any liquid spills and splashes. There maintenance is very necessary. Only proper care will retain the Stone’s shine and fresh look. Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily maintenance.

Removing stains

Gently rub with an appropriate cleaner and rinse. Do regular cleaning of stone this will retain stone Elegant look. Proper deep cleaning is compulsory for any stone.


Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily cleaning than polished stones. Every light mark, fingerprints of daily usage will make the stone surface dull and stone surface. These marks can be very easily clean with Soft Scrub Liquid cleaning agents.