Nougat Quartz Full_Slab
Quartz Kitchen Countertops

With a strong, durable and easy to care for product like Nougat Quartz you can be sure that your home will have the perfect addition. We offer several quartz collections from which to choose: kitchen counters or even as shower surrounds! If it’s time for some new countertops in all our public spaces then contact us at Granit Plus because these handsome granites won’t just enhance their appearance but also help protect against spills with their slip-resistant surface qualities.

Nougat Quartz is the all-time popular material and color! It’s made up of coarse grained, chunky chips that can be used in modern or traditional spaces. With a lifetime warranty on its durability as well as minimal maintenance needed for upkeep this stone will last you through many projects over your lifetime while maintaining an elegant appearance with no need to replace it every few years like other stones might require.


Collection                      Classico
Finish                           Polished
Size                             Standard
Thickness       30 mm/3 cm 20 mm/2 cm
Application                      Indoor
Color Group                    Whites

Pattern                        Speckled

Luxury Kitchen Slabs

Nougat Quartz Care & Maintenance

Easy cleaning

Nougat Quartz is not like other types of quartz which means that it requires special care and handling. Nougat quartz is extremely sensitive to heat, chemicals, and pressure. Nougat quartz must be cleaned with a gentle dish soap mixed in with water and rinsed off immediately after cleaning.

Prevent liquid spills

Remove any liquid spills and splashes. There maintenance is very necessary. Only proper care will retain the Stone’s shine and fresh look. Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily maintenance.

Removing stains

Gently rub with an appropriate cleaner and rinse. Do regular cleaning of stone this will retain stone Elegant look. Proper deep cleaning is compulsory for any stone.


Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily cleaning than polished stones. Every light mark, fingerprints of daily usage will make the stone surface dull and stone surface. These marks can be very easily clean with Soft Scrub Liquid cleaning agents.