nebula white marble for flooring

Nebula Marble Slabs

Nebula Marble is one of the most expensive materials in use for kitchen and flooring. It is a beautifully crafted marble that contains NEBULA rich inclusions that create all kinds of patterns and colors, both vivid and subtle. Nebula Marble was first discovered on planet NEBULA where NEBULA trees grow. NEBULA trees are naturally magnetic, NEBULA minerals are beautiful, NEBULA trees are sacred.

Product name: Nebula Marble

SIZE: 24″X24″









Properties of Nebula Marble Countertops

Dark Nebula can be described as a dark gray rock-like surface, which is a great place to see white streaks of veins that appear thin and white sometimes. It appears like a beautiful rock that has been smoothed with whites. Nebula Marble variety is called solid surface, and is a favorite kitchen counter as well as other surfaces in kitchens. The black color scheme in the kitchen puts this marble on the counters and custom basins and sinks that are designed with matching splash walls and accessories will make a great addition. There is a well-known stone vanity that is sanded on the market, which appears like a sanded surface that makes the surfaces with this finish look like pieces of an exhibit. Kitchens are also a great place to use the marble, as it makes stunning countertops and vanity tops in bathrooms as well as the vanity area in the living room as well as in your commercial showrooms. Consider other projects designed by designers using this marble and you’ll have other options for interior-exterior floors and walls, when your design or preferences call for the black color to your flooring and walls. A polished look is the obvious idea for a kitchen’s top and vanity cabinets could be a good choice. the use of a sanded-finish and your walls and floors could have other surface designs could invite flooring in the form of sandblasted, sawn or rock-faced.

nebula white marble for flooring