Georgian bluffs Full Slab
Georgian Kitchen Countertops

Georgian Bluffs is a unique cool beige quartz that features both light and dark veins. Its neutral undertone provides for compatibility with any interior space, while its non-porous nature ensures easy maintenance and protection against scratches or stains from everyday use in your kitchen. With this durable surface as an option when designing or remodeling kitchens around America today you’re sure to find what looks best on guests’ palette!


Collection                Supernatural
Finish                       Polished
Size                          Standard
Thickness                 20 mm/2 cm, 30 mm/3 cm
Application                Indoor
Color Group              Greys
Pattern                       Veined

Properties of Georgian Bluffs Quartz

There are many reasons to choose Georgian Bluffs quartz countertops for your home. Quartz is one of the most durable and long-lasting countertop materials available, and it’s also low-maintenance and easy to clean. Georgian quartz counters come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your home.

Quartz is also a heat-resistant material, so it’s perfect for kitchens and other areas where cooking and baking take place. Georgian are also resistant to scratches and staining, making them a great choice for busy families or homes with children and pets.

ideal Georgian Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Care & Maintenance

Easy cleaning

A splash of warm soapy water will do. The whole cleaning done. It will deep clean your stone.

Prevent liquid spills

Remove any liquid spills and splashes. There maintenance is very necessary. Only proper care will retain the Stone’s shine and fresh look. Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily maintenance.

Removing stains

Gently rub with an appropriate cleaner and rinse. Do regular cleaning of stone this will retain stone Elegant look. Proper deep cleaning is compulsory for any stone.


Natural, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily cleaning than polished stones. Every light mark, fingerprints of daily usage will make the stone surface dull and stone surface. These marks can be very easily clean with Soft Scrub Liquid cleaning agents.