Excava Full Slab
Excava Kitchen Slab

If you’re looking for the ultimate in home makeover elegance, look no further than Excava Quartz. These slabs are not just indicative of what can be done with your flooring; they provide a front row seat to how moving pieces fit together seamlessly and beautifully at different angles!

We recommend using mitred aprons on any bench top greater than 20mm thick because it achieves maximum continuity between surfaces – don’t worry if this sounds like technical jargon though since their design will speak volumes when displayed proudly by itself right next door or down below ground level where ever life takes them.

The Excava Quartz Collection is the perfect addition to any modern or industrial space. With its authentic patina, each piece will have a unique appearance that captures depth and movement in different ways making them one-of-a kind!

Specifications of Excava Quartz

Collection        Metropolitan
Finish              Rough
Size                 Jumbo
Thickness        20 mm/2 cm, 30 mm/3 cm
Application       Indoor
Color Group     Greys
Pattern             Industrial
Fully Polished Excava Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Excava Quartz Care & Maintenance

Easy cleaning

For a quick cleanup, just wipe the surface with damp cloth and warm soapy water. For more thorough cleaning that will leave your counters sparkling clean every time use mild detergent or quality spray to maintain its luster! Wipe in broad circular motion when you’re done for best results.

  • Clean with product
  • Rinse with damp paper towel, cloth or sponge
  • Dry with paper towel

Quartz is a unique material that doesn’t need to be sealed regularly, unlike marble and granite countertops. This makes it perfect for all those busy people who want their kitchen table or bathtub looking good without trying too hard!

Prevent liquid spills

You’ll want to remove any liquid spills and splashes from the stone, but be careful not damage its finish with soapy water or harsh chemicals like bleach solutions which can leave behind unwanted residue on natural stones as well! Dabbing Alcohol-free hand sanitizer onto your mop handle for quick cleanups works best when it’s time to keep up appearances again in between sessions.

Removing stains

Be sure to always use bleach-free and non polishing soap when cleaning the counters. Wipe down liquids instantly, mostly colored ones should be wiped immediately with windex glass cleaner for strong stains which can fully remove them from countertops.


If you have natural, concrete or rough- unfinished stone floors then they might need more cleaning than polished stones. Daily usage will leave marks on the surface which can be easily removed.