luxury Diano floor marble
Daino Creme Marble Slabs & Countertops

Daino Marble is a type of beige stone quarried in Italy. This smooth, versatile material can perfectly serve as an exterior wall or floor for your home!

There’s no doubt about it: marble has long been one of the most luxurious and elegant stones in any home. But because this soft stone can be scratched or damaged easily, be sure to avoid installing your countertops with these beautiful but fragile surfaces for kitchens!

Marble has been used for centuries as a symbol of luxury. This natural stone comes in many different finishes! You’ll find that there are marbles all over the world with beautiful patterns unmatched by any other form alike- not only does it provide you peace when walking but also adds character into any room they’re placed within which makes them perfect additions no matter what type space needs enhancing










Properties of Daino Marble for flooring & Countertops

Size 24×24 Material Porcelain
Thickness (in) 3/8″ Chemical Resistance Resistant
Break Strength (lbs) > 450 lbs Application Floor and Wall
Finishes Polished SKU
Size in (Nominal) 24×24 Usage
Residential & Commercial
Water Absorption <0.5% Frost Resistance Resistant
DCOF ≥0.42 Break Strength (lbs) > 450 lbs
Scratch Hardness (mohs) MOHS 7 Tiles per Case 4
Varation Index V3: Moderate Variation Thermal Shock Resitance Resistant
Flame Spread 0 Flame Resistance A1
Smoke Development 0 Country of Origin United States
DCOF compliance Compliant Case Weight 69.29
Color Name Daino Reale Sample Available No