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Properties of Carrara Marble Countertops

Callacata Marble is a type of marble used abundantly for the creation of kitchen counters, bathrooms, flooring and other forms of architectural use. Callacata Marble is unique because it has unique veins that are bolder than most marbles. It also stands out because of its clear white background with light grey, gold veinings that can be seen abundantly throughout this type of marble.

Callacata Marble is composed mostly of quartz and calcium carbonate; consequently, Callacata Marble’s stone hardness is approximately 4-4.5 on the Mohs scale which makes Callacata Marble more resilient than granite yet softer than limestone. Callacata Marble has different colors displayed in each slab due to how Callacata Marble is made.


Callacata Marble is usually cut into smaller pieces to be used within homes and other commercial properties; however, Callacata Marble can be purchased as Callacata Marble whole tiles too for use in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and other architectural designs. Callacata Marble belongs to the Carrara marble family which means Callacata Marble has similar features with Carrara Marble like its veins that are prominent throughout this type of marble due to quartz content placed within it when Callacata Marble was formed. Callacata Marble is a very easy marble to maintain especially if you choose not to have Callacata Marble polished or honed since water rings on Callacata Marble will become visible on the surface where the water rings were.

Carrara Marble Slab

Carrara Marble is one of the most famous luxurious Italian marbles with shades of gray and white. The white Carrara marble is available in marble slabs and marble tiles with polished or polished finishes, as well as honed and polished. A vast array of mosaics, and wall tiles can be used to make breathtaking marble countertops as well as waterfall islands and marble flooring and accent walls in commercial and residential properties.

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Carrara Marble Countertops In Jupiter