Barbados White Marble Room flooring tiles
Barbados Marble Texture

Barbados White Marble Lookalike Porcelain

These beautiful porcelain tiles are the perfect way to add a luxurious look and feel without breaking your budget. Made durable with two size variants, these versatile stones can be installed anywhere from showers or bathrooms as well as kitchens!
Molded in Italy’s signature plush white marble found on grand residences across Europe, our Barbados collection offers an affordable alternative for those who want all of that high-end appeal but don’t have time managing upkeep costs associated with genuine stone (such us grouting jobs!).

Specification of Barbados Marble Slab

  • SIZE: 24″X48″
Barbados Marble white flooring tiles Roomset

Barbados White Marble tiles are a luxurious and elegant way to bring the timeless look of marble into your home. Featuring a faithful reproduction of genuine Statuario marble, these tiles come in three size variants so you can find the perfect fit for your space. With a polished or gloss finish available, these tiles will add glamour and sophistication to any room.

The Barbados porcelain tile is a beautiful replication of the marble found in Italy’s grand residences. Made from durable material, these tiles are perfect for anyone who wants an elegant look without having to worry about maintenance or cost! Available in two size variants and two finishes (both common), there’s something here that will fit any home décor need – be it modern minimalist style or traditional old world charm; they’ll stand up against time regardless where you put them down
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